Arkansas Cancer Coalition

If you receive a phone call asking for donations, it is not the Arkansas Cancer Coalition! Please report those phone calls to the Arkansas Attorney General's office!

ACC Direct Programs

Education and Outreach

Are you hosting an educational event and need information on cancer prevention? Contact ACC for a representative who will host a booth. Information will include how to prevent breast, cervical, colorectal, lung, oral, prostate and skin cancer. Additional information will include free FIT kits for colorectal cancer testing, information on eating healthy, surviving cancer, quitting tobacco and much more.

Policy and System Changes

Let ACC staff work with you to review and update your business tobacco-free policy. We work with both traditional and non-traditional partners to help upgrade their policies so as to create environments that are healthier and safer for their customers. These include:

  • Arkansas State Fair
  • Community Action Program for Central Arkansas
  • Grandma’s House and Learning Center
  • Toad Suck Daze
  • Washington Barber College, Inc.
  • Wild River Country

Contact ACC to learn more about how we can work together to implement a tobacco- and vape-free policy, and how ACC can educate your patrons on smoke-free environments.

Sun Safety Initiatives

During the summer, you can find ACC staff out and about at important venues educating on the myths and dangers of tanning and encouraging people to Be Sun SMART:

S – Slip on a hat
M – Move into the shade
A – Apply sunscreen
R – Reapply sunscreen
T – Tell your friends to BE Sun SMART

Find us at Wild River Country and the Little Rock Zoo this summer.


ACC relies entirely on the expertise of ACC Roundtables to update or develop the Arkansas Cancer Plan, and to plan and execute program activities. Roundtables provide an opportunity for partners with similar interests to come together to develop, implement and evaluate programs. Joining a roundtable is a sure way to get engaged and to contribute your unique education, skills and talents to the ACC. Click here to learn more about roundtables.

Coalition Engagement

An integral part of the mission of ACC is to increase coalition communication and participation. As the coalition continues to grow, more expertise, insight, perspectives, opportunities and resources are gained. These assets are shared throughout the coalition, making possible the collaboration on ideas that will lead to Arkansas’ next big breakthrough on cancer control. Becoming a member is free and gives you access to our newsletter and calendar of events where you can share trainings, resources, job announcements and other news.

ACC uses the following tools to enhance coalition engagement:

Quarterly Meetings

ACC Quarterly Meetings are a highlight for our board, members and staff as we gather to eat together, network and share important program activities. During this time, ACC shares important announcements on upcoming funding opportunities, and select partners provide presentations about important programs that they are implementing in their communities. Following the Quarterly Meetings, coalition members can stay to network and exchange contacts and ideas.

View our event calendar to find out when the next quarterly meeting is scheduled.

Watch past Quarterly Meeting recordings

Calendar of Events; Newsletters; Social Media; Website

Becoming an ACC member gives you access to our electronic newsletter for the latest volunteer, training and networking opportunities. Follow us on social media for the up-to-date cancer control tips and news.

Cancer is difficult. Getting help shouldn't be.

Imagine helping someone gain access to resources that reduce the struggle during a time of their life when so much is lost. Your donations connect people battling cancer with others ready and able to provide crucial assistance.