Arkansas Cancer Coalition

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ACC works diligently to build the capacity of its members. Trainings take many different forms, from conferences, workshops and webinars, and are geared to providing new skill sets and solutions, and sharing best practices on evidence based programs around the state. Credit hours are available for most professions.

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Arkansas Cancer Summit

Now past its 20th year, the Arkansas Cancer Summit is one of ACC’s many well-documented successes and has always been centered on the growth and evolution of the Arkansas Cancer Plan and the partners that make up the Arkansas Cancer Coalition.

The Summit provides a time for partners to celebrate, reflect and build new skills and networks. Even though the theme changes annually, Summits typically focus on showcasing advances, gaps, and challenges in cancer control by reviewing the latest data and evidence-based practices.

RFA Workshop

Looking to apply for an ACC grant? Our RFA Workshop is held annually via webinar. You will receive an overview of the grant application process for helpful tips about how to succeed in your application. A helpful PowerPoint presentation is also made available to attendees to help with the application process, and technical assistance from ACC staff is also available.

Tobacco and Disease Symposium

Now in its 8th year, the Tobacco and Disease Symposium was previously known as the Lung Cancer Symposium.

Trainings focus on an interdisciplinary approach to tobacco cessation by arming health care staff with tools to address tobacco cessation with their patients. Whether you are a front desk staff, a health educator, nurse or physician, these trainings increase your knowledge in motivational interviewing, tobacco cessation strategies, nicotine- and non-nicotine replacement therapy, the state’s new Be Well Helpline and more.

Tobacco Cessation Training for Health Care Providers

Research shows that with the help of a clinician, the odds of quitting tobacco more than doubles. Additionally, we know that while counseling and medication individually are effective for tobacco cessation, a combination of both is more effective.

That’s why ACC offers customized tobacco cessation trainings so that health care providers can effectively counsel and provide access to medication to ensure the success of their patience in the quitting journey. Components include the following, at no cost to the clinic:

  • Training on Motivational Interviewing for patients who use tobacco and electronic cigarettes.
  • Training on evidence-based treatments for tobacco users
  • Free signage and educational materials
  • Assistance with updating tobacco-free policies

Cancer is difficult. Getting help shouldn't be.

Imagine helping someone gain access to resources that reduce the struggle during a time of their life when so much is lost. Your donations connect people battling cancer with others ready and able to provide crucial assistance.