Arkansas Cancer Coalition

If you receive a phone call asking for donations, it is not the Arkansas Cancer Coalition! Please report those phone calls to the Arkansas Attorney General's office!

Arkansas Cancer Coalition

We connect people to take a stronger stance on cancer in Arkansas.

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The Arkansas Cancer Coalition serves over 1000 members across the state. Help us connect cancer patients in Arkansas to the programs offered by your organization.

Carolyn Garrett

Cancer is not a stranger to my family. To this date, 11 of my immediate family members and friends (too many to count) have journeyed down its path. Early detection, knowing your body, and tobacco cessation are just some of the things that I talk to patients about as a Patient Advocate.

Carolyn Garrett


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The Arkansas Cancer Coalition relies on the generosity of volunteers throughout the year. If you are willing to contribute your time and energy to further our cause, reach out today.