Arkansas Cancer Coalition

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Arkansas Cancer Resources

Arkansas BreastCare Program

BreastCare’s mission is to increase the rate of early detection of breast and cervical cancer and reduce the morbidity and mortality rates among women in Arkansas by lowering barriers to screening that result from lack of information, financial means, or access to quality services.

BreastCare offers no-cost screening and diagnostic services for eligible women in Arkansas. Screening services include clinical breast exam, Pap test, and mammogram. Diagnostic services to follow-up on an abnormal mammogram, clinical breast exam or Pap test results are also available.

In an effort to connect survivors and their families to statewide resources, the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) BreastCare Program and its partners, created this cancer guide. Regardless of your age, gender, or ethnicity this guide is for you.

Our intent is to help cancer survivors and their families access the available resources necessary to improve lives.

Arkansas Department of Health

The ADH is a unified health department, with a main office in Little Rock and 94 local health units in each of the state’s 75 counties. We have Centers that oversee all that we do.

  • The Center for Health Advancement has among its many branches Chronic Disease, Tobacco Prevention and Control, Family Health, Women Infants and Children (WIC), and Oral Health.
  • The Center for Health Protection has branches for Infectious Disease, Preparedness and Emergency Response, and Health Systems.
  • The Center for Local Public Health is at the heart of the department. Our local health units provide services to communities across the state. Our Hometown Health Improvement Initiative is a process that takes a close look at the issues in local communities. It is coordinated through our local health units in partnership with community stakeholders. Through this collaboration, health strategies are developed and implemented to improve these local health issues.
  • The Center for Public Health Practice includes branches for Vital Records, Health Statistics, and Epidemiology, our “disease detectives” who track the spread of communicable diseases like mumps, measles and chicken pox.

Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation’s mission is to promote awareness, encourage timely detection and support improved treatment of prostate cancer in Arkansas.  The Foundation implements this mission by sponsoring awareness campaigns, conducting public education, survivor support groups and screening programs throughout the state.  The Foundation’s Prostate Health Resource Center in Little Rock serves as an ongoing source of information for prostate cancer survivors and healthcare professionals.  In addition, the Foundation has an on staff a Patient Navigator who provides decisional and resource support to any man with a suspicious finding from a prostate screening.   The Foundation’s Peer Network of support groups allows men and women to share their experiences with prostate cancer, ask questions and gain knowledge on issues of diagnosis, treatment and survival.

Be Well Arkansas Program

Whatever you want to be—a good parent, a great athlete, a role model, etc.—it all starts with being well. An active, healthy lifestyle is key to being at the top of your game. It’s never too late to make decisions to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, and to be the best version of you that you can be. Being well is the first step.

Mobile Mammography Vans

 Find information on locations of mobile mammography vans in the state

UAMS Breast Cancer Program

UAMS Colorectal Cancer Program

Cancer is difficult. Getting help shouldn't be.

Imagine helping someone gain access to resources that reduce the struggle during a time of their life when so much is lost. Your donations connect people battling cancer with others ready and able to provide crucial assistance.