Arkansas Cancer Coalition

If you receive a phone call asking for donations, it is not the Arkansas Cancer Coalition! Please report those phone calls to the Arkansas Attorney General's office!

When the question is "Now what?"

We have answers.

We know the struggles you face.

You have gone to the doctor and received a heartbreaking diagnosis. You instantly feel alone and hopeless. You’ve been given a treatment plan and a couple of pamphlets, but you don’t know anything about cancer.

You probably feel uncertain about your future. What are your treatment options? How will you pay for everything? What is your life going to look like now? Will you even survive? If you don’t survive, how will your family get by?

You just want to know how to live your life and be well again, but there are so many questions. It’s overwhelming.

What you really need is hope and help.

What if you could connect with people in your community who may be going through, or have gone through the struggle of cancer?

What if you found answers to any and all questions you may have to put your mind at ease, so all you have to worry about is getting better and conquering cancer?

Imagine if you found organizations whose main goal is to relieve some of the financial burdens that cancer can cause to families of differing income levels?

The Arkansas Cancer Coalition Was Created With You In Mind

Our mission is to facilitate and provide partnerships to reduce the human suffering and economic burden from cancer for the citizens of Arkansas. This is accomplished through a number of services and programs designed specifically to help you through this difficult time.


Discover partners that offer financial assistance, transportation, support groups and more.


Find information on cancer and resources to help you.


View our event calendar and connect with members near you.

Want to deepen your commitment?

The Arkansas Cancer Coalition serves over 1000 members across the state. Our activists act as the as the hands and feet to help spread the mission of our organization.