Arkansas Cancer Coalition

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Fiscal Year 2021 Awarded Grants

Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House

Program:  Skin Cancer Prevention Sun SMART

Funding Amount:  $4,000 

Counties Served:  Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Polk, Scott, Sebastian, and Yell

Focus Area(s):  Skin Cancer

Summary:  To continue this skin cancer prevention program, in an environment taking precautions against the COVID-19 pandemic the 2021 Sun SMART program will: produce and record a professional quality video with the Sun SMART message to be shared with community partners; purchase and distribute Sun SMART tools to at least 1000 area youth; and purchase and distribute of sunscreen for public use at local pools and summer programs.

Mena Medical Associates

Program:  Cancer Screening

Funding Amount:  $2,000

Counties Served:  Montgomery, Polk, Scott, and Sevier

Focus Area(s):  Colorectal Cancer

Summary:  The average age of Mena Medical Associates’ patient population is over the age of 50 with a low income. Mena Medical Associates’ program consists of sending out reminders for all cancer screenings. Mena Medical Associates will also provide hemoccult testing kits to patients that are due for colorectal cancer screening and provide education materials to the patient population on the importance of screening.

St. Francis House NWA, Inc dba Community Clinic

Program:  Colon Care Program

Funding Amount:  $4,000

Counties Served:  Benton and Washington

Focus Area(s):  Colorectal Cancer

Summary:  The Colon Care program at Community Clinic focuses on the need to increase access to colon care services in Benton and Washington Counties and aims to reduce the risk of colon cancer for low-income, uninsured and underinsured patients. The Colon Care Program will provide financial assistance for colonoscopies for six (6) low-income, underinsured, and uninsured residents of Benton and Washington counties.

Targeting Our Peoples Priorities with Service

Program:  TOPPS BEAT (Breast Health, Education, Access, and Treatment

Funding Amount:  $3,000 

Counties Served:  Statewide

Focus Area(s):  Survivorship

Summary:  The TOPPS BEAT program focuses on reducing barriers of care, providing an evidence-based breast health education program that moves women from knowledge to action. The program addresses financial travel needs to clients in active cancer treatments. Due to the Susan G. Komen local office closing, SGK is no longer TOPPS’ funding source for this program. Due to the overwhelming need in the rural communities and lack of assistance, TOPPS will expand our program to assisting clients with various forms of cancer. TOPPS will offer transportation assistance to at least 40 cancer patients for up to a maximum of $100.00 per patient.

The Family Home

Program:  Executive Director

Funding Amount:  $4,000 

Counties Served:  Statewide 

Focus Area(s):  Survivorship

Summary:  The Family Home is a facility that provides safe, affordable lodging in a homelike setting for cancer patients receiving medical treatment and care at UAMS and CARTI. The Family Home is also a cancer support center where education, fellowship and support are found. The Family Home has many needs, but by far the most pressing are the need to repair several plumbing issues and to have our rooms cleaned professionally, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding from the ACC will allow us to address these two immediate needs.

White River Health System, Inc

Program:  Rides to Wellness

Funding Amount:  $3,500 

Counties Served:  Cleburne, Fulton, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Lawrence, Sharp, Stone

Focus Area(s):  Survivorship

Summary:  Transportation has continually surfaced as a key barrier to healthcare access in rural Arkansas. Rides for Wellness, a key initiative for the partnership between White River Health System and Churches United, will serve as a free transit system that connects cancer patients in need of transportation assistance with treatment and support in their community.

Cancer is difficult. Getting help shouldn't be.

Imagine helping someone gain access to resources that reduce the struggle during a time of their life when so much is lost. Your donations connect people battling cancer with others ready and able to provide crucial assistance.