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Southeastern Colorectal Cancer Consortium 4th Annual Conference

The Southeastern Colorectal Cancer Consortium 4th Annual Conference is from June 19-21, 2019, at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Little Rock.
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This Consortium is comprised of stakeholders from the 13 southeastern states and Puerto Rico. We come together to exchange ideas and experiences, to share best practices, and to develop collaborative efforts to reduce the burden of colorectal cancer.

Over the last 3 ½ years, the Consortium, formed in 2015, has brought together an energetic group of advocates from both the public and private sectors to exchange and compare ideas and experiences related to colorectal cancer and its prevention in the Southeast region of the nation. The delegates, representing 13 Southeastern states, have included advocates, health center and hospital workers, researchers, academics, physicians, nurses, corporate managers, survivors, and government leaders, among others. The Consortium has met three times (Atlanta in 2016, San Juan in 2017, and New Orleans in 2018), has attracted 120-140 attendees at each meeting, and has vigorously addressed creative ways to increase colorectal cancer screening. Among the numerous issues and specific topics that have been discussed are: multi-state messaging and information exchange; ensuring up-to-date knowledge among primary care providers; geographic, racial and ethnic disparities; insurance coverage; patient navigation; state and federal policies; and garnering funding.

It has been easy to see the collective passion and commitment of Consortium delegates as they learn from each other and design programs and strategies aimed at increasing colorectal cancer screening rates across the region. During the upcoming conference in Little Rock, the Consortium will focus on approaches to sustain and build upon colorectal cancer screening programs so that a greater segment of the population is reached, and barriers that hamper such efforts are overcome. As before, several questions of central importance will continue to underlie the conference agenda, including:

What is happening around the nation and the Southeast with regard to colorectal cancer and its prevention?
What data should be collected regarding screening engagement, how can it be gathered, and how can it be harnessed in moving forward?
How do we address the uninsured and medically underserved?
How should we deal with the emerging problem of increasing colorectal cancer incidences in younger adults?
What are the roles of health insurers and large comprehensive medical systems?
How do we engage primary care physicians and Gastroenterologists?
What is the responsibility of public health professionals?

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