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2017 Arkansas Red County Report

While struggling to improve health outcomes at the state level, Arkansas also faces disparities in life expectancy at the county level. Concerned with the disparity, Senator Jack Crumbly (16th District) sponsored a bill in 2011 to designate counties with the lowest life expectancies in the state as Red Counties. The Red Counties were defined as counties where the life expectancy at birth ranged from six to ten years less than the county with the highest life expectancy.1

In the 2017 report, 17 Red Counties have been identified. Life expectancy was calculated using 2014-2016 Arkansas resident death data and 2015 Arkansas population estimates.

  1. Act 790, Arkansas Code Title 25, Chapter 1, Subchapter 1, 2011.

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The Arkansas Cancer Coalition helps facilitate and provide partnerships to reduce the human suffering and economic burden from cancer for the citizens of Arkansas.

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