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Smoking Cessation: A Report Of The Surgeon General

Most of the 34 million adult Americans who smoke cigarettes want to quit. But smoking will remain the leading preventable cause of disease and death in the U.S. unless more is done to help them quit. In his new report, Smoking Cessation: A Report of the Surgeon General, VADM Dr. Jerome M. Adams calls on everyone, including healthcare professionals, health systems, employers, insurers, public health professionals, and policy makers, to take action to put an end to the staggering—and completely preventable—human and financial tolls that smoking takes on our country. 

This is the first Surgeon General’s report since 1990 to focus solely on smoking cessation. The following materials provide an overview of the report, key findings, and answers to questions that you or others might have about the report:

  • Surgeon General Report: Highlighting what we currently know about the health benefits of cessation and proven interventions to help people quit smoking.
  • Executive Summary: This summarizes the major content of the report, including overall and chapter specific conclusions.
  • Key Findings Fact Sheet: Provides an overview of the key findings and messages from the report.
  • Consumer Guide: Provides an easy to read overview of the Surgeon General’s report and its findings. Also provides and overview of smoking cessation resources.

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